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Anybody that knows me on a personal level is aware that I am very old-fashioned. I love old hairstyles, car designs, books, movies, music, and clothing choices. This challenge exists for us to relive a fashion trend or style that we want to come back into existence or something that invokes a sense of nostalgia. Something that takes us back in time to simpler days. Honestly, I love this challenge concept! Reliving fashion trends from decades ago that have, unfortunately, became retired is a great way to keep the memories alive.

I grew up in the Millenial generation of the…

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Let’s get straight to the point, shall we?

Me in 2021. Cute after haircut selfie!
  • My name is Angela Derscha.
  • I’m 28 years young, born on July 5th, 1992.
  • My star sign is Cancer.
  • I was born and raised in the USA.
  • I love coffee!
  • I'm obsessed with cute animals of all kinds.
  • As of September 1st, 2019, I'm engaged.

Those are just the basic facts about me, but trust me there's more!

Since my teens, I have enjoyed writing. From 12 years of age until 15, I wrote approximately 25 poems, 6 short stories, and began writing a romance/fantasy novel. Because of my obsession with self-expression…

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Dear Diary,

Finally, I have good news. After all this time of me suffering from the side effects of my covid-19 shot, I have relief from most of them! It took a lot of time, and even more tender love and care from my adoring fiancee and various fluffy animals. I still have a few lingering side effects, but for the most part, I feel good. I wanted to list off the symptoms I still have and one I forgot to mention:

1. Fatigue

Even though I feel…

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Dear Diary,

It’s me again, writing as per usual about my wacky experiences with the first shot of my covid-19 vaccine series. I wanted to start with a disclaimer about this journal because some folks that have read it believe that it’s a fake account of symptoms meant to cause fear and discord amongst my fellow humans. Honestly, I don’t see a motive behind keeping a detailed report of what is essentially the flu, but not everyone has common sense. I’m here to set the record straight: this is real, I have a vaccine card picture to prove my immunization…

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Dear Diary,

Today started like any typical day for me. I got home from my 11–7 job at 7:30; I went to the store to get some food for my lunch around 7:45 and was back home by 8:00. I ate my breakfast, drank my usual coffee, took my vitamins. Everything seemed to be fine, but then reality set in pretty heavy for me. One, today was my dad’s bday, and he’s no longer with us, and two, the shot is STILL kicking my butt up, down, and sideways. The symptoms continue to be a nuisance:

1. The chills have…

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Dear Diary,

Here we go again. If you kept up with my posts, this would be the second journal entry on my vaccine adventures. Wow, so much excitement there. Not really. I despise it with a passion. Anyways, it’s been about 24 hours, give or take, since my 1st round of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine. I’m here to break down my experience so far with it, what is happening, what isn’t, etc. So far, here are my first-hand issues with it:

1. My employer was condescending to me!

I mentioned this before, but my employer made it mandatory for the…

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Dear Diary,

Beginning April 15th, 2021, today basically, I will be receiving the covid-19 virus vaccination. The shot is provided free of cost, mainly due to me being an essential worker in the disease-ridden field of health care and because my place of employment gave me a priority letter. The clinic is set up for Walmart Pharmacy to administer it. And I will have to receive the second shot within 3 weeks of this one. Fingers, toes, and heart crossed on this bad boy.

First off, I have a lot of anxiety about this whole situation. I didn’t want to…

Angela Derscha

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